When I got The Call letting me know I had been selected to appear on Jeopardy late July of this year, I went through the range of feelings every contestant gets: excitement, nervousness, anticipation. And like all other contestants, I started to put together a plan to prep for the show and give myself the best chance of winning. Most Jeopardy preparation strategies involve three main areas: buzzer training, board navigation, and good old fashioned studying. The first two were pretty straightforward. Secrets of the Buzzer by Fritz Holznagel outlined a buzzer strategy and practice method that answered all of my questions on how to get good at the buzzer. And even though I knew I would be nowhere near James Holzhauer’s ability, my sports betting background also gave me a willingness to bet big on Daily Doubles, so copying his strategy of trying to build a good dollar amount and go hunting for doubles seemed as good a template to follow as any. …


Colin Davy

Colin is a consulting data scientist in San Francisco, a two-time winner of the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Hackathon, and a Jeopardy champion.

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